What I Do

I run a Sales organization focused on product placement in material handling & municipality storage needs

What the hell does that mean? Short version is I run a company that sells storage racks. We serve three different industries and have a team that hovers around 20. Without disclosing too much, the company has grown significantly over the past three years and I continue to drive change. Translation… long days and a longer to do list. That, and a steady flow of coffee.

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A Few Highlights Of The Day To Day


At the end of the day, I’m responsible for Sales, Operations, HR, IT, Finance, Legal, and Compliance. While I have team members in place that do an outstanding job, I find in the small business world, my position still needs to know how to do all of the other roles.


Like any job, mine comes along with challenges. To give you a sense of what those have been since I started in June of 2016, I’ve: updated the entire operating/computer system for the company, have had a 50% turnover in staff (mostly intentional), defined job descriptions for the entire company, and learned industry specifics.

This of course, is on top of the day to day fun including meetings with attorneys, accountants, and bankers…just to name a few.

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More To Come

Stay tuned to the Primary Revenue category for more posts about my day to day at the office

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