wasn’t an easy day. Today, I implemented a change that was under review and discussion for the last several months. The decision added another chapter to my ever expanding book of professional experience. It also took another run at my emotional fortitude. The decision today really wasn’t about me though.


I let someone go. Not just anyone either. The employee worked for the company for over seventeen years and was a pillar in day to day operations for many years. After discussions over the last several months, it became obvious that the skill set required for the role changed significantly and that the individual holding the role no longer could fulfill the responsibilities. Despite this and a few other variables, the decision and discussion was not any easier.

The Reaction

was more positive than I expected. Now reflecting on the discussion, I’m pretty sure this individual sensed this coming. With that said, I should also state that I tried for many months to help this person develop. Every effort fell short and while all attempts were met with openness, the effort (or lack there of) really made the difference.

The Bottom Line

is that running a company comes along with many challenges. It requires navigating uncomfortable and difficult situations. My day job is what is allowing me to be positioned to reach my FI goal. Now that I’ve acknowledged the tough day and allowed myself to process it, it’s time to focus on a productive Tuesday.