money is something that I’m always interested in. From little things to large chunks, getting money into the savings and brokerage accounts leaves me with a satisfied feeling. Occasionally, the days funds are moved to savings or brokerage accounts are good enough to celebrate.


was payday. After arriving home, having dinner, and putting the little ones to bed, I opened my budget spreadsheet. From there, I proceeded to pay bills…including, like always, making sure the credit card balances are zero. As a side note, I know I’m “unique” because I get excited about a Friday night where I can pay bills and move money to savings. Hey, if I didn’t get excited about this stuff then I wouldn’t be into FIRE.


percent is the amount of my check today that I was able to move to savings. By savings, I actually mean my brokerage account. About a year ago, I started investing heavily in four funds. They are:

  • A balanced index fund
  • A conservative growth fund
  • A total bond market fund
  • And a total stock market fund

The percentages invested in each are structured to be a little more aggressive based on my age. Overall, my portfolio in my brokerage account is still a bit on the conservative side.

The Upshot

is that at a savings rate of sixty-six percent, I’m on track to meet my goal of FIRE by the age of 45. Today was a good day investment wise. It’s the discipline to continuously make choices that allow a savings rate of sixty-six percent (or more) over many years. So, here’s to celebrating another month where the plan was successfully executed. I’m one step closer to meeting my goal of FI by the time I turn 45.