I Absolutely Cannot

sit still! Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a few hours in front of the television taking in a movie, but as soon as the credits start to roll my mind starts to race. I quickly shift gears and start thinking about what else I can accomplish. Can I get a head start on tomorrow’s project? Can I write another post for the blog? Maybe I could update the code on my website that’s been driving me nuts lately…which one, which one?

Side Hustles

or at least the topic of side hustles is pretty common in the FIRE community. I mean really, anyone with a blog can say they have a side hustle. Some are more for enjoyment, like writing to purely share knowledge, and some are to generate revenue…my take is that this type is way more common. In either case, a side hustle is something in addition to your normal gig and after some reflection, I realized it was time for me to start something new.

All Side Hustles

require a minimum of one thing; TIME! So when I started thinking about a side hustle and the amount of time I’d have to invest to make it successful, I knew it needed to be in something I enjoy. I enjoy having extra spending money. I enjoy watching the bank account balance grow even more. But when thinking about a new side hustle, that wasn’t the point. What could I do that I enjoyed that would ultimately lead me to more income potential? And, since I knew I needed to invest a significant amount of time to make it work, I wanted to ensure I was getting myself into something I was going to have fun with.

Narrowing down

the list of potential side hustles was fairly easy. I started with things I liked, things that I consider myself having some level of talent with (that shortened the list considerably), and things that I thought could generate revenue.

  • Starting another blog (but I already have one)
  • Selling yoga mats (I have a connection with a manufacturer and have a cost advantage)
  • Building an online membership community

After a few months of noodling, this is the list I landed on. With a few more weeks of pondering and sketching out business plans, I ultimately decided on option three, building an online membership community.

It was time

for the real work to begin. With my side hustle set, I started laying out everything I’d need to do to get this thing up and running. First step, incorporate a business. In my next post, I’ll take you through just how the incorporation process worked for me and share some of the tips and tricks I learned along the way. Stay tuned for more!