I thought

it was supposed to be April showers bring May flowers. So far this month, it seems like Mother Nature flip flopped the two months. No, I’m not becoming a nature enthusiast by any means. I just find it a little funny that my May savings rate is a bit like the weather…gloomy.

Just when

things looked to be consistently on the right track, sh*t happened! Here is a short list of all the fun I’ve had so far in May.

  • My eight year old needs two phases of braces. Phase one deposit – $600!
  • My wife has neck and shoulder issues (pretty significant) – new mattress – $1,200!
  • Fence painting – I could have done this but I saved two days work – $1,750!
  • Car oil change and new battery – $200!

This is

a complete reversal from last month. April expenses were really tame compared to May. Last month, I was able to put 39.87% of my take home pay away. We didn’t have any large, unexpected expenses pop up. If we don’t run into any additional surprises this month, I’m looking at a savings rate of 18.82%. While it’s still positive that we’re saving, I really don’t like it when the rate is cut in half!

Going forward

I can now plan for the orthodontist expense each month. We won’t have another large deposit due until my daughter gets into phase two (should be about three years from now). I’m hoping the new mattress holds up for many, many years. Now with the car, I’m glad the oil change is done and the battery replaced but we’re creeping up on another fairly large expense. The tires only have about another 7,000 miles before they need to be replaced. There’s another $800 or so out the door. Family financials and ongoing expenses are so much fun! Here’s to hoping June doesn’t have any unpleasant surprises in store.

Just a side note – the new mattress is pretty nice! In case you’re in the market –Take a look