don’t actually make the world go ’round but they dictate what happens as our planet continuously spins in a circle. While we may be headed to an artificial intelligence revolution where robots take over the world, fortunately, we’re not there yet. Until such a revolution happens, people are in charge of making things work. We, collectively as a species, make things happen the way they do. If you want to make more money at your current job (or any other job) it behooves you to understand this concept. Let’s take a closer look.


every organization in existence contains some type of hierarchy. The more traditional structure includes the C-suite (CEO, COO, CFO, etc.) at the top followed by SVPs, VPs, AVPs, Directors and then department specific roles. These hierarchies are designed to help the organization operate more effectively, providing clarity of roles, defined authority, and paths of escalation.

The people that fill the roles mentioned above are the people that are ultimately making things work. Don’t get me wrong, many more people are required to show up and do the jobs they have for the company to be successful. However, the bigger decisions that dictate whether or not the company continues to run (and that everyone else have jobs) are made by these experienced professionals with fancy titles. At the end of the day, one important fact remains. No matter the title, every role at your company is filled by a person.


and how it flows in and out of a company is also controlled by people. From the executives to the accountants and the company Controller, how much money available and where that money flows are results of human beings making specific, calculated decisions. This is where the good news comes in for you. Because PEOPLE ultimately control where the money goes and how it’s used, YOU stand a much better chance of putting more of that money in your pocket if you take some time to better understand how people work and what makes them tick!


Infinite People

Making Money

requires you to, at a minimum, understand other people. This includes your customers, coworkers, boss, and anyone else you potentially interact with. If you develop an understanding for others, you can utilize that knowledge to deliver value to them as individuals as you interact. When you add value for others, you are increasing your value. As your value increases, what you’re worth (in the business sense of how much you get paid, not as a human being) goes up.

The tricky part in this is that people are complicated! Everyone is unique and everyone has a ton of crap going on in their lives. So, how do you get to better understand people? Good question!

Upcoming Posts

are going to dig deeper into specific ways I’ve worked with people to advance my career and make more money.  The tools, techniques, and psychology behind the concepts and approaches works! While you won’t get rich overnight, spending a little time in the short run better understanding people and how to engage with them. This knowledge stands to put more money in your pocket in the long run. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts in the Make More Money category soon.


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