Work Memes December Edition

Work memes are new to Retiring by 45. I’ve found that the work we choose to do, and how we go about doing it, can make a big difference on our path to financial freedom. Enjoy this first ever, work memes December edition post that blends humor with a little advice!

work memes work from home

The situation

Work memes took a turn over the last few years as the work world was turned upside down with COVID. Working from home became the norm but now, companies are looking to have their employees come back to the office. For those lucky enough to not feel the pressure to head back to the office, this one is for you. Some days motivation escapes you no matter how much coffee you drink. Hey, a lazy day is necessary here and there!

R45 Perspective

The old saying, “work smarter not harder” comes to mind. The problem is, if you want to really get ahead at work and get on your path to financial freedom, you have to work both harder AND smarter. If working from home looks like this for you, just be sure to remember your goals and make the best of your time. Yes, rest sometimes. No, don’t get lazy!


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the situation

The second work meme in the December edition is one near and dear to my heart. When you are in the wrong job, it is likely your boss has asked you for your opinion or to join a meeting. When you bring up an idea or an issue, you get the, “sure, whatever” look and the line of B.S. that they will, “look into it”.

R45 Perspective

If your boss brushes you off with this line more than once, it’s time to start looking elsewhere. This is especially true if they continue to ask you for your opinion, you provide it, they “look into it”, and nothing ever comes as a result. You can continue to be professional and put on your happy face with your B.S. thumbs up, but if you want to progress your career, a change is most likely in order!


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I'll look into it work meme
work meme random drug screening

the situation

The company you work with has a policy against drugs. Here’s the catch, it’s a policy against illegal drugs. With weed being legalized in more and more states, the line between legal and illegal begins to blur. The company you work for will always default to any drug being a no-no but social interactions and acceptability continues to evolve. Hmmm…

R45 Perspective

Interestingly enough, the new handbook passed out at my employer takes a hard stance on drug use. So much so, that they say they will search any of your personal items if they have any suspicion that drugs are involved AND, it’s not taken well if you refuse this search. That’s a whole other meme and post. Whatever you choose, make sure you understand, and are ok with, the potential consequences. Weed is one thing, powders are definitely another. Have fun, but stay healthy (and no, I am not promoting or advocating any type of drug use)!


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The situation

The weekend has come, and gone, way too quickly. Sunday afternoon turns into Sunday evening and your whole body knows Monday morning is coming. With Monday comes all of the crap you left behind just a few short hours ago when you walked out Friday. Monday is there, hovering just above your head, ready to rip your guts out!

R45 Perspective

If this one resonates with you, it’s time to work on getting a new job. For years, I dreaded Monday morning. Then, I took on a role where, after time, I sort of forgot what day it was. That was in part because I was so busy but also because I really enjoyed what I was doing. Oddly enough, I made the most money I’ve ever made in this role. When you love doing what you do for a living, Monday doesn’t suck nearly as bad.


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work meme monday morning

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