About Retiring By 45

Retiring by 45 is a journey to financial independence. As a business leader, husband, father, and generally just a nice guy, I love numbers. Doing the things I have to now so I can do the things I want to later appeals to me. Numbers can make this happen. Follow my journey to learn more about finance, family, fun, and balance in life.

Family First

While I always set out to reach my goals, my family comes first. I will not make any sacrifices or compromises that knowingly put my family’s well being second to my goal.


My professional pursuits are lofty. I constantly challenge myself in my day to day responsibilities running a small business and find myself creating projects (like this site) in my spare time.


While I anticipate ups and downs in this journey to financial independence, I will always seek a balance. While extremes are relative, life is too short to not enjoy all aspects of the ride.

Facts About Me

I Absolutely Love Numbers

I’m into financial blogs, love statistics, and read too much about retirement. While there are plenty of much smarter people in these fields, I like to think that I generally know what I’m doing.


Confidence of Hitting Goal


Estimated Percent to Goal

Retiring By 45

A Bit More About Me

Brent H.

The Guy On The Journey

In 2022, I turned 41. Four years from now, I’d like to have complete financial independence. Currently, I am a senior level organizational development consultant, have a loving wife and two beautiful daughters (13 & 7), have published three books, run a couple of websites (like this one), love to travel, and am decent at the game of golf.


About The Categories

Revenue - Primary

Posts in this category are related to my current day job as President of a small business. Currently, this is the bread and butter for me.

Revenue - Secondary

Posts in this category are related to miscellaneous ventures that may or may not produce income. I’m looking to grow these going forward.



Posts in this category are related to money headed out the door. Sometimes this is good, sometimes not so much. I’ll have to keep an eye out here.

Personal Financials

Posts in this category are related to my personal financials. Posts likely will revolve around how I’m tracking to the overall goal.

The Balance

Posts in this category are related the balance. That is, all the other topics such as family and fun along with getting the right balance between life and the goal.


Posts in this category are related travel. With my love for travel, this one deserved a category all to itself. Whether business related for for fun, I love to travel.

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