Offerings Overview

Retiring by 45 is a great place to learn. It’s also a great place to be the financial you that you want to be. Read more below. 

What’s Offered

R45 Fire Talk (Free)

What is R45 Fire Talk?

R45 Fire Talk is a social media platform that is focused on FIRE. It has many of the same features and functionalities you’re used to with the big platforms without all of the extra non FIRE noise. You can create a profile, upload pics, make friends, message, hashtag, and create and participate in groups.. Write what’s on your mind and share it with your friends directly on Fire Talk. 

Why R45 Fire Talk?

R45 Fire Talk is dedicated to all things FIRE. That’s exactly what sets it apart. You don’t have to worry about sharing certain info or being overwhelmed with requests from people that don’t really have anything in common with you. By keeping focus on FIRE, sharing time with like minded individuals, and sharing ideas all in ONE place, you stand a better chance of achieving FIRE. 

Benefits of R45 Fire Talk

The biggest benefit is focus. All FIRE, all the time. Another huge benefit of Fire Talk is the hosting aspect. Sure, there are free or low cost website building and blogging options out there but the functionality is so-so. If you’re looking to set up your own website or blog, between hosting fees, security, plugins, themes, marketing, and so on, you are well into the hundreds of dollars…if not thousands. Fire Talk takes care of all of that for you. What are you waiting for? Sign up, make some FIRE friends, start sharing your story, and get on the path to FIRE!

R45 Blog (Free)

What is the R45 Blog?

This is where the whole thing started. The blog is a great place for you to check out posts that relate to all things FIRE. I write about my life and my journey of achieving FIRE by 45. From my day job to the weekend getaways with the kids, I try to put perspective on living a balanced life while achieving my financial goals. I hope that my posts both help and inspire you on your journey to FIRE. 

Why R45 Blog?

I’ve always found it helpful to tap into others when it comes to learning something new. So, if you’re new to FIRE, this is a great place to start. Read through some of my posts, get a feel for business ventures that have failed, take a look at how much I save and when. Use all of this to your advantage as you pursue your goals. If you’re not new to FIRE, hopefully my posts help provide guidance or even a bit of a benchmark as you continue your journey. 

Benefits of the R45 Blog

Information is vital to continuing to develop and grow. I am constantly looking to get better at what I do. I have run five businesses – some of which have failed, have loved and worked with numbers for twenty years, manage hundreds of thousands of dollars (getting really close to a million plus in liquid assets I’m responsible for), and have a plan headed down the tracks to retire when I turn 45 (May of 2026). Some may say I’m doing something right. Read the blog and let me know what you think.

R45 Resources (Free)

What are the R45 Resources?

I read a lot! Through all of the time I spend reading, I pick up on different ideas, websites, tools, programs, and so on that provide different perspectives and help on my path to FIRE. As I find these resources, I add them to the site so that you can use them as well. 

Why R45 Resources?

If you’re looking for the most successful, wealthiest person on the planet to give you advice – IT IS NOT ME! By many standards, I could be considered average. In some areas, I like to think I’m above average. When it comes to money and numbers, I like to think I excel. I’m in my thirties, am happily married, have two young daughters and have saved a considerable amount toward retirement. I also run a multi million dollar company and am responsible for a lot of assets. I’m on track to reach FIRE by the time I turn 45 while keeping a healthy balance in lifestyle. 

Benefits of R45 Resources

Reaching FIRE takes time, information, discipline, and dedication. R45 Resources can help with all of these things. From websites to apps, R45 Resources pull together a lot of good information and present them in one convenient place for you to access. The more I find, the more you have to access on your path to FIRE!