A FIRE Group Like No Other

Retiring by 45 Accountability Club
Are you ready to make a change in your financial life? I don’t mean piss money away on some get rich quick crap. I mean, are you ready to start holding yourself accountable for your financial decisions so you can build wealth rather than live in debt?

Do you want to be average?

The average american personal debt is now over $90,000!

I set a plan in place three years ago to shed debt AND save enough money by the age of 45 to be financially independent. I’m on track to do just that! How am I doing it? I’ll let you in on a little secret…accountability plays a huge part!
Broken Piggy Bank


Are You ready to change your financial future?

the current you

You have an interest in learning more about money and finance but still seem to struggle. Perhaps you’re covering your bills but can’t seem to every get ahead. Talking to people about your finances is awkward and nobody really seems to care if thing change for you. Financial independence and retiring early seems impossible but hey, it’s good to dream.

The future you

You find yourself supported with a group of like minded people seeking financial independence. You have an outlet to discuss financial matters, compare your progress to others (without judgement), and can tap into resource that support your path. Learning about finance and money is much easier and, dare you say, fun. You’re focused, you’re supported, and your financial dreams stand to become reality.

The Club


Max Group Size


Potential Gain

Monthly Commitment


Check out the benefits of joining the exclusive Retiring By 45 Accountability Club



Only 250 members in the club. Once we hit 250, you can’t get in until someone decides to drop out.

Month by Month

No long term contracts. The R45 Accountability Club is month to month. No long term money sucks here.


Exclusive resources, member only podcast episodes, and regular interaction from me, the guy behind Retiring By 45!

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What Is The Cost?

The R45 Accountability Club is $25 per month. Why $25 per month? – quick answer is, if you’re paying, you’re focused. That and you get access to other great resources, regular interaction with me (the guy that’s 1/3 complete on a 9 year path to financial independence), and it’s exclusive. 250 people and that’s it. I want 250 serious, focused, engaged, and committed people. Free is good but free doesn’t always keep people focused

Do I Have To Join To Be Successful In My Pursuit of FIRE?
No, you don’t. There are a lot of different ways to be successful when pursuing financial independence. This is one of those ways. I’m not here to screw you out of your money. If you find this approach helpful in your path, great! If not, no hard feelings.
Can I Join Anytime?
This is designed to be a small, exclusive club. Only 250 people will be allowed to join. Once we get to 250, the club will then closed to new members until someone drops out.
Can I Drop Out of the Group at Anytime?
Yes, you can. The R45 Accountability Club is a month by month subscription. Once you cancel, your access to the private Facebook group will be removed. You can manage your subscription on retiringby45.com under your Account page.
What Are The Benefits Of Joining The Group?
You’ll have access to my personal spend information, exclusive podcast episodes, and specific accountability coaching on your budget once per year from me. Plus, I am actively participating weekly to ensure the group gets information directly from me – the guy that made a nine year plan to go from $15,000 saved to complete financial independence!
What If I Have Additional Questions or Concerns?
Feel free to contact me anytime at brent@retiringby45.com

Are you ready?

“The only person standing between you and financial independence is you. Get out of the way!”

Brent H., Founder – Retiring By 45

Club Openings Remaining

The earlier you join, the more focused time you get!